• To strengthen profitability and optimise growth, Digia's business is split into portfolios


Digia's products, services and business areas are arranged into portfolios. This is based on growth expectations, life cycles, operational synergies and business models.

Digia's portfolios are:

  • Productivity and operations management: Makes customers' internal processes more efficient; strengthens customers' cost and price competitiveness.
  • Product creation services: Helps customers lead the way in technology; enables the production of successful mobile software and devices, providing good user experiences.
  • Customer experience management: Increases the efficiency of interaction and encounters between Digia's customers and their end-customers. Sales are boosted by improved customer service and greater customer loyalty.
  • Ventures: Provides solutions for the international consumer and corporate market. These are based on a scalable business model, and can be distributed via the internet.

Portfolios to enable risk management, operational development and new business creation


The aim is to profitably grow Digia's current core business. At the same time, new, scalable operations based on internet distribution will complement Digia's current, successful businesses.

The portfolios will guarantee the continuous development of existing operations. Product and competence life cycles will be optimised, and financial and business risk management easier. In addition, a portfolio breakdown enables new forms of business, creating potential for future growth and value generation.