• The company seeks growth based on developing current operations, expanding the market area and creating new, scalable business

Within current businesses, the target is to pursue mainly organic growth


Digia seeks growth by developing its current businesses and product and service selection. In addition, Digia intends to grow by expanding sales into neighboring markets.

Digia can provide comprehensive deliveries, from conceptualisation to maintenance.

In ERP systems, Digia pursues to grow in selected solution segments. These include Internet-based, Customer Experience Management solutions, and systems that improve customers' operational efficiency.

Within mobile accounts, Digia looks to expand by developing applications and user experience services. To the same end, Digia intends to create extensive project and solution packages, covering solution life cycles.

In search of a better market position, Digia monitors market developments and, when necessary, grasps the corporate acquisition opportunities.

International business and market expansion


Digia wants to enter growth markets, by providing its existing products and services in neighboring regions and China. The company serves local customers directly from sites in Russia, Sweden and China. Competence centres in China and Russia give Digia a sharper competitive edge: they bring off-shore resources to global customer relationships.

New business with new kinds of services


To accelerate growth, new business based on internet distributed consumer and business solutions will be built alongside Digia's successful existing business. The growth will focus on new, innovative business models, such as SaaS* or transaction based services. New solutions will open the road for new, growing markets, where Digia seeks faster growth compared to other business.

Innovative business models are scalable and allow better profitability in the future. The goal is to create an international area of business, which is not based solely on man-hour billing. The new business has been organised as its own Ventures unit, which will expedite in-house innovation activity and aims to bring new solutions to market quickly.

Examples of inventive solutions


A good example of an innovative solution is the new mobile workforce management service, based on the SaaS business model. With this network, service companies can send mobile assignments to their workforce, thus increase the effectiveness of mobile work, save workers time, optimise routes, save fuel, expedite billing and improve customer satisfaction. The service can be quickly taken to use, without the need for system investments and it can be integrated easily to be part of other information systems. Digia is marketing the service globally with different language versions, for instance in Germany the service is called

Increasingly, Digia's clients want to offer their consumer clients experimental, modern entertainment services with latest innovations. is a mobile and location info based social media communication service, executed from a technology and skills point of view. The service gives a good view about the direction where modern consumer services are developing into. At the same time, it showcases what is possible to achieve with Digia's excellent skills in usability, mobile technology, network services and cloud computing. The service is free to use for consumer clients.

Modern information technology - and Digia's solutions - lean on user-oriented design, mobility and internet technologies, such as cloud computing. These viewpoints are exploited from two dimensions; on one hand to bring value to Digia's clients and their customers, on the other to bring value through service implementation and production. When these perspectives are realised properly, new service and product development is fast, affordable, client oriented and rationalises the operations of all parties.

* SaaS = Software as a Service. Business model where IT-solution is offered as an internet based cloud service invoiced by usage.