The objective is to improve shareholder value

  • Digia's strategic objective is to be an international growth company, whose ability to turn a profit and sound financial health provide rising shareholder value
  • The company seeks growth based on developing current operations, expanding the market area and creating new, scalable business
  • Key factors are expert personnel, high quality project management and satisfied customers
  • Competitive advantage is built on operational efficiency, ability to renew, and industry and technology expertise


Digia's target is to pursue mainly organic growth. The company expands by developing its business operations and product and service portfolio. Digia's product and service strategy is based on multi-channel solutions, which increase customers' operational efficiency. Other key parts of Digia's strategy are product creation services and services covering the entire product lifecycle.

Digia is an innovative development partner. As such, it launches products, services and business models using new technologies. Digia is also expanding into new market areas. To accelerate growth, Digia is supplementing its successful current business with new solutions suitable for internet distribution.

In 2010 Digia's profitability was higher than the industry average due to efficient management systems and processes. Digia learns faster, improves its quality and becomes more efficient by focusing on leading technologies and methods. Digia's price-competitiveness stems from strong industry expertise, technology leadership and a cost-efficient site structure.