Key events in 2010



University of Helsinki made a partnership agreement with Digia. The Universitarian's virtual desktop is a user-friendly tool, databank and interaction channel intended for all students and staff at the University of Helsinki. The virtual desktop will be realized as an agile project in partnership with Digia. Digia has solid experience in creating extensive intranet and internet portals.



Digia Enterprise production management system boosts the institutional kitchen operations of Kymijoen Ravintopalvelut. As an industry leader, Kymijoen Ravintopalvelut is reshaping its operation models, and is about to deploy a new production management system. With the help of Digia's system, kitchen operations will become more cost effective and easily manageable. The industrialising of institutional kitchens is something new in Finland. Digia was selected as the system provider through a public procurement process.

Digia shows the way for beautiful user experiences across multiple platforms with Qt Quick. Digia is using a pre-release version of Qt Quick, the new user interface and application creation tool, to demonstrate how to deliver visually impressive consumer experiences across devices with different software and hardware platforms at this year's Mobile World Congress.



The AGM decided to elect seven members to the Board. Re-elected as Board
members were: Kari Karvinen, Pertti Kyttälä, Martti Mehtälä and Pekka Sivonen. In addition, as new Board members were elected Robert Ingman, Tommi Uhari and Marjatta Virtanen. At the Organising Meeting held after the General Meeting, Pertti Kyttälä was elected as Chairman of the Board and Martti Mehtälä was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board.

Lappeenranta University of Technology and Digia joined forces to train future Android experts. Students learned to develop software for Android mobile phones during one-week course. Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) organised a one-week intensive training course, titled Code Camp, during which students designed and built applications suitable for Android mobile phones by Motorola and HTC.

Digia to help Holiday Club Resorts boost efficiency, through system integration.
Finland's leading provider of tourism services, Holiday Club Resorts Oy, ordered a financial management system from Digia. In addition, Digia is responsible for integrating the data systems of Holiday Club's entire partner network, to ensure a smooth data flow between systems and higher operational efficiency.



Digia fortifies its position as a supplier of insurance data systems. Digia continues to maintain Arek Ltd's Pension Earnings System after the termination of the original three-year service contract in August. The new agreement, to remain valid until further notice, entrusts Digia with sole responsibility for the future development and maintenance of the Arek platform.

Digia ranked among top 10 IT-employers by Universum Student Survey. Digia came ninth in a survey charting how university students rate potential employers in IT sector. Climbing 13 places over last year, Digia was named the Highest Climber at the University Awards ceremony on Wednesday 28 April. Digia believes that students particularly appreciate its stable financial position and the personal development opportunities it provides.



MeeGo innovation in Finnish Universities gets accelerated by Digia's MeeGo training material and Intel's development environments. Digia and University of Jyväskylä, supported by Intel, launch a program to offer MeeGo training materials and state-of-the-art Intel Atom Z600 based development environments to Finnish universities to accelerate adoption of MeeGo in education and innovation.

Digia's ERP system to modernise and boost operations of Ykkösleipurit. Ykkösleipurit (Katri Antell Oy, Leipomo Rosten Oy, Linkosuo Oy, Porin Leipä Oy and Primula Oy) reached agreement on purchase of Digia Enterprise ERP system.

Digia delivered the Digia Enterprise ERP and financial management system to five regional companies in the Ykkösleipurit chain. This state-of-the-art system will lead to faster processes and greater efficiency at the five bakeries. In addition, the joint acquisition will generate cost savings.



Digia provides an eLearning environment to the S Group. Digia provides S Group's specialised vocational institute, Jollas Institute, with an eLearning environment based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010. This solution provides Finnish co-operative retail company group S Group employees with diverse on-line training opportunities. All of S Group's 38,000 employees are potential users of the learning environment. Datafisher contributed to the specification and implementation of the new eJollas solution.



Lappeenranta University of Technology and Digia provided intensive training in Qt expertise. As a first for Lappeenranta, students spent a week coding Qt applications for mobile phones. Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) held a one-week intensive course, Code Camp, making students familiar with Qt technology.

Digia attended the Qt Developer Days 2010 both in Munich and San Francisco and demonstrated the latest in mobile user experience and Qt. Demos showed exciting and inspiring ways of adding new dimensions with 3D and Augmented Reality to the mobile user experience. Digia also showcased how sleek, state-of-the-art mobile experience can be delivered on Nokia touch devices with Qt Quick – and encouraged visitors to download the cool Flowd -application to their own devices from



Digia Tablo Boosts Information Workers' Efficiency – The Digia Tablo digital workdesk builds a flow of data and events from various sources. Digia has launched a new product with which organisations can increase the efficiency of information retrieval and work flows. The profile-based Digia Tablo digital workdesk brings the right information to the right people, at the right time. Faster and more accurate information retrieval improves efficiency and increases the productivity of tasks and work processes for individuals and organisations alike.

Digia introduced a product creation solution for MeeGo product makers. Digia builds on its extensive 16+ year's track record in mobile industry and introduced a product creation solution for MeeGo ecosystem. Digia's offering addresses key elements of MeeGo device creation where product differentiation is the key to success. Digia's MeeGo product creation solution starts from MeeGo training and concepting services and scales to full product software solution delivery and lifecycle management. Digia also launches a software solution, Digia Device Cloud, enabling efficient and environmentally friendly MeeGo RD operations in distributed environments. Digia Device Cloud solution enables remote development teams to access real devices without need to physically distribute prototypes.

Digia took part in Invest 2010 Fair at Wanha Satama, Helsinki.