Employer image improved

Digia significantly increased its recognition and attractiveness as an employer. The number of job applications received almost doubled since 2009. Around 6,000 applications were received during the year.

Last year Digia recruited both seasoned professionals and recent graduates for various positions in .Net, SharePoint, Java Enterprise, Qt and MeeGo technologies as well as project manager positions.

In addition to traditional recruitment channels, Digia is increasing its online visibility. This means e.g. presence in social media and relevant discussion forums.

Digia's improved employer image was reflected by its higher ranking in the Universum survey. This charts shows how university students rate potential employers. Students ranked Digia within the top 10 potential IT sector employers. Due to its hugely improved ranking, Digia was dubbed the "IT Sector Rocket." 

Students are an important target group


Digia possesses close relationships with the higher education institutions. In recruitment, students are an important target group.

In spring 2010, Digia and the University of Lappeenranta joined forces to train Android experts. This was intended to meet growing needs in mobile device product development. In the early summer, Digia entered a partnership with the University of Jyväskylä and Intel on MeeGo training. Partner universities are provided with the same teaching materials as Digia uses in its own training. MeeGo training commenced in autumn 2010.

Digia actively participated in recruitment events organised by universities. The company's own traineeship programme began in spring 2010. Through this, Digia recruited many promising young talents.