Focus on processes

  • Understanding changing customer needs is imperative for building high-performing processes
  • Well-designed processes lead to consistent quality
  • Continuous improvement is the key to future success


Continuous development


Digia is continuously developing its quality management system - Digia Core Process Model (CPM) - based on recent development in the industry and from our learning experiences and customer feedback. The certified Core Process Model includes descriptions of our processes, as well as instructions, templates and reference material, steers operations in projects, and guarantees a consistent working method of high quality.

Examples of recent achievements include improvements in Digia customer account management process and Digia offering portfolio management process.

The renewed account management process gathers more competences from the entire organization to the customer front for better customer service. It also brings even more senior management attention to our customer accounts.

The offering portfolio management process has been improved for better transparency throughout the company and hence giving the possibility to more people to be involved in the process. This is important especially in the early stages of product and service innovation and cultivation.

Systematic monitoring


Digia systematically monitors the implementation of its quality operations. The suitability and development of the quality management system, Core Process Model, is monitored regularly through both internal and external audits.

Recent developments include specific themes for internal audits. This way Digia is able to gather larger amounts of information from a specific field of interest for closer examination and future improvement.