Key capabilities for successful performance

  • Sustainable performance capabilities are built of a deep understanding of customer needs, market trends and the latest technological possibilities
  • At the core of these capabilities are highly skilled people and efficient processes


Skilled people need to be both recruited and trained continuously to answer to Digia's customer demands. A good employer reputation and fast adapting competence development programs make it possible to grow both in numbers and in technological prowess.

In addition to skilled people, successful performance needs motivated people. Digia provides its people with a whole range of possibilities to increase well-being and job motivation, e.g. various club activities that stimulate both mind and body.

The continuation of successful performance is also dependent on efficient working practices and processes. These are developed continuously and monitored rigorously. The development is done through the Digia Core Process Model (CPM) framework which is the de facto quality management system of the company. The performance monitoring gives insights to development activities and thus contributes crucially to the future performance and success.