Inventive expertise

  • Unique blend of expertise in ERP systems, mobile devices, usability planning and web application design
  • World-class expert in chosen technology sectors
  • Flexible competence development in line with demand


Digia has a unique blend of expertise in ERP systems, mobile devices, interaction design and web application design. This enables Digia to identify and exploit the opportunities provided by new technological trends (cloud computing, SaaS, etc.). Examples include building new internet-based ERP systems, accessible also by smartphones.

Effective competence development


Digia is skilled at developing its expertise, in line with demand and technology trends. In the past year, Digia has successfully trained a large number of its experts, in the Qt application development tool and the MeeGo environment. Digia is now one of the world's leading experts in Qt. Digia's professional experts are fast in learning new technologies.

Competence development in core enterprise system technologies


In 2010, Digia has invested heavily in developing its enterprise system expertise.

Through effective, in-house training organisation and external courses Digia strongly enhanced its expertise in Microsoft Sharepoint, Dynamix AX and Java technologies.

Continually improving employer image


A continually improving employer image is also boosting Digia's expertise. In 2010, Digia came ninth in a Universum survey, charting how university students rate potential employers. Owing to a rise by 13 places since 2009, Digia was dubbed the "IT Sector Rocket". This means that, as it grows, Digia should have no trouble recruiting new experts. Digia recruited a large number of first-rate professionals last year.

Competence strategies increase efficiency


Competence development is systematic at Digia. The company has drawn up site-specific competence strategies. These define the areas of expertise on which each site must focus. In creating these strategies, Digia examined the existing expertise on each site, and what might be obtained locally. Local competence development plans were formed on this basis, including close cooperation with local universities. Operational efficiency will also benefit from each competence strategy. On their basis, sufficiently large teams of experts will be secured, matching each site's area of expertise.

Operational efficiency based on global management model


Digia's inventive experts are managed globally, in a horizontal organisation. This has enabled Digia to achieve a high utilisation rate and good operational efficiency.

The company's global site network includes offices in low-cost locations (Chengdu and Beijing in China and St. Petersburg in Russia). This allows Digia to work with its customers in deciding on the most suitable and cost-efficient unit for each customer project.