CEO's review

Digia had a very successful 2010. A year ago, Digia found itself in great shape to pursue active growth. We worked hard and fulfilled our promise: we succeeded in growing our net sales by 8.7 % in 2010.

A year ago, we promised high profitability as well as growth. In this too, we were successful - our profitability figures remain unrivalled in our sector.

Digia is able to deliver organic growth, something that makes me particularly happy. At Digia, the right things are done, with high quality. We handle and develop sales and daily business operations efficiently. Our competencies are top-class, and we develop them with a close eye on market needs and technological requirements.

Digia has the desire and skill to grow. As one Digia, we have worked stronger than ever to develop our core business operations, achieve efficiency and pull in the same direction. We want to offer customers a strong partner in excellent financial shape, run from Finland and easy to do business with.

At Digia, we have done more than ensure that our core operations are outstanding and profitable. We have also developed our businesses and gone for growth through strategic projects. Our conceptualised, customer experience development services, and our profile-based Digital Workdesk, are just two examples of our investment in productised packages. In 2010, we were also innovators, launching products on the international markets.

We'll keep investing in product-based growth. As our vision statement says, by the end of the strategy period we want to put several innovative products within easy reach of people around the world.

We also want to grow in international markets, with Russia as our main target region. To accelerate and maintain our organic growth, we've become active in Russia's fast-growing business-to-business markets. We've already won our first customers, with ERP solutions spearheading our local expansion. Through our Chinese sites, we are growing our broad-based offshore competence centres, in line with demand. Our first local customers have been won in both mobile and enterprise solutions.

During the year, Digia recruited many experts. As staff numbers have grown, we've also tightened up our network of locations. Last winter, we combined our Jyväskylä offices. At the turn of the year, our around 600 of our Helsinki-based experts moved to a single location in Pitäjänmäki, this replaced our former three offices. It will be fascinating to see how our corporate culture unifies, as well as our practices and teamwork becoming more fluent. Of course, through larger competence centres, Digia will also become even more effective at meeting customer needs.

My sincere thanks go to our customers and owners for their trust in Digia. A big thank you too, to each and every one of Digia's inventive experts. Your everyday efforts are important to our mutual success.

Juha Varelius
President and CEO