Making an organisation's knowledge capital visible

SLO Oy is Finland's leading wholesaler of electrical and telecommunication equipment. It serves electricians, power and telecom companies, network builders, industrial firms and public bodies, through 35 sales offices around Finland. SLO has 410 employees.

SLO wanted to update its popular intranet, to operate on the Microsoft® Office SharePoint 2010 platform. It also wanted a more logical structure for content offered through the service. In addition, the intranet was to be made more interactive, by offering SLO units their own sites. On these, they would be able to post their own news, instructions and practices.

Predictive product search functionality was added to SLO's intranet. When a user types a product name in the search field, information on electrical and telecom goods flows from the product database. This database is a separate online system for managing products, quantities and sales.

A content management consultant guided the specification and design phase, by offering opinions and pre-prepared suggestions based on the customer's wishes.

SLO's Tuupakka outlet in Vantaa. Sales Manager Jari Tuoriniemi checks the order of products on the shelves of SLO's Tuupakka outlet. Attached to the company's central warehouse in Vantaa, the outlet offers a selection of around 110,000 electrical and telecom goods.