PAM has over one million member contacts per year

  • By reducing back-office functions, electronic customer services have cut down manual work at PAM offices
  • PAM can now focus its time and resources on customer encounters


Service Union United (PAM) is a Finnish trade union for the private service sector. It has more than 228,000 members. PAM's members are insured by PAM's unemployment fund.

For over a decade, PAM and Digia have been jointly developing member-service solutions. Digia has provided the union with OpenPoint solutions, which include ERP systems for both the union and fund. Digital self-service channels for members are also included. These have mobile application extensions and are system-integrated.

Digital channels have improved customer service in many areas of PAM. Joining PAM, signing up for courses and making membership fee payments can all be done online. Members can also view and edit their personal data.

Fund members can carry out all fund-related business online. This includes applying, and submitting the necessary attachments, for fund payouts. Further applications can be sent by mobile phone and based on speech recognition technology.

By cutting back-office functions, electronic customer services have reduced manual work at PAM offices. The union can now focus its time and resources on customer encounters.

PAM's vision is to be the most modern trade union by 2015. To this end, PAM and Digia are seeking new ways of improving member services. In early 2011, PAM will adopt VoIP and Contact Center solutions provided by Digia. These will be seamlessly integrated into the OpenPoint system.

Through systems provided by Digia, PAM has more than one million customer encounters per year.