More transparent and efficient jewellery order-supply chain

  • Digia supplied the most flexible, yet highly standardised, ERP system possible with all the necessary integrations
  • Production planning is now easier, thanks to up-to-date sales data and forecasts


Kalevala Koru Oy designs and produces gold, silver and bronze jewellery. Together with Lapponia Jewelry Oy, it forms the Koru Group. This is the largest company of its kind in Finland, and one of the largest in northern Europe.

Kalevala Koru wanted the most flexible, but highly standardised, ERP system possible. System implementation would have to be smooth, without extensive customisation. With simple system run-in, the system would bring fast realiasable benefits. International introduction would have to be an option.

Digia met all of these objectives, by supplying the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system, plus the necessary integrations. Hardly any customisation was needed; the built-in processes supported well Kalevala Koru's operating models. They also enabled the desired changes to its practices.

The result was a more efficient and transparent order-supply chain. Stocktaking is now easy via a mobile device, with data being automatically recorded to the system. Production planning is easier, thanks to up-to-date sales data and forecasts. In addition, customers can be briefed in more detail at various stages of the process. This increases customer satisfaction and trust between players.

"Our new ERP system is the most imperative operative system in Koru Group. Practically everything, from financial administration to production and purchasing, is now based on AX. The system is already used by around 30% of our staff," states Kalevala Koru IT Manager Tuula Aitta-aho.