Customer encounters at Aalto University

  • Through CEM-based workshops, Digia and Aalto's IT unit concretised the specification for customer experience 


At the beginning of 2010, three Finnish universities merged to create Aalto University. Each of the three previously had its own IT organisation, services and operating models. During the second half of 2010, Aalto's IT unit was seeking a roadmap and destination for its IT services. This was done with the help of Digia, which applied its CEM-method (Customer Experience Management), a tool for understanding and managing the quality of B-to-C encounters.

The customer experience forms part of every customer encounter. Even a good customer relationship can be damaged by a poor experience. Improving customer loyalty and encouraging viral marketing - these are among the most effective ways of increasing sales and profitability.

Through CEM-based workshops, Digia and Aalto's IT unit completed the specifications. The aim was to concretise the customer experience and its possible use in creating an IT services roadmap and destination. The workshops focused on setting objectives for customer groups and customer encounters. This led to an understanding of how to identify and prioritise areas of improvement. It also showed how a future roadmap might be created for the IT organisation.

Aalto University was delighted with the workshop approach. The university intends to continue using CEM, in creating roadmaps for other units.