Latest technologies serving users and businesses

  • By developing its own products and expertise in line with changing market needs, Digia stays at the cutting edge of trends
  • Novel information systems or customer channels enable new business operations and new business models


During the last few years, advancements in computer science have brought within our reach many new, even trend like things. Cloud computing, location based services, social media, mobile applications, Software as a Service (SaaS), just to mention a few. As always, some of the new marvels get a little more publicity than they deserve. Despite all the hype and media fuss, there's usually at least a nugget of verity behind all of them.

Naturally, trends play a part in how consumers use information technology and various terminal devices. It's clear, that in all organisations the end customer connects also electronically to the services or products of the organisation. Thus, the new technology trends have their effect on how end customers are being served and how services are being created. New technologies and operational models have bred whole new methods to do business. In many areas, the competitive arenas for companies have changed radically.

From market promise to real customer benefit


As described above, the change of processes and business models also requires taking into account of new kind of information systems or customer channels. This can also be addressed reversely: new kinds of information systems or customer channels enable new business or a radical change in the business model. Often also significant cost savings or cost scalability in change situations can be achieved with new operational model or new information system.

Digia will strongly stay in the forefront of the trends by developing its own products and knowledge to meet the changing market needs. As part of this research and development, the company is also searching for new partners or will be adopting new products from existing partners. This ensures that our clients always have access to best solutions and skill that the market can offer.

Taking advantage of new business models in offerings as a whole


Digia has divided its offering and business areas into portfolios. This dividing has been based on the growth expectations, life cycle, operative synergy and business models.

The portfolios are:

  • Productivity and operations management
  • Product creation services
  • Customer experience management
  • Ventures

Customer experience management is a service and product concept intended for Digia's customers. It provides tools for understanding the end customers' values and expectations, planning customer experiences and structuring development measures. Through advanced solutions, it also guarantees a fluent and fast start-up. One part of our customer experience management concept is the Digital Workdesk, launched last year.

In the Product creation services, it is natural to take advantage of the latest technologies: the clients' products usually are from the sharpest end of progress, thus making the demand for competence ambitious. Digia has, over the years, produced operational models that can be used to match the know-how to changing market needs. Technologies change, but with deep industry knowledge and efficient transformation training, even hundreds of employees have been moved towards new technologies.

Ventures approaches the market with easily scalable cloud solutions, directly from web. Browser and mobile based products are available without place or time restrictions. The business models are also innovative: the client pays the affordable basic fee plus usage. Introduction is free or low cost as well.

Digia's competitiveness has become even stronger, due to continuous renewal and development. The balanced development of offering portfolio and expertise, are Digia's key factors to renew and further improve its own abilities to race the market. Investments made to research and development take Digia forward to meet the future challenges. This way, the company will further maintain its unique combination of skills in enterprise solutions, mobile devices, usability design and web application design.