Digia User Experience: visionary design for ease of use and added value

  • User Experience: inspiration and easy-to-use products for the end-users – and at the same time, achieving business targets
  • Digia's strength is to understand both users and technology
  • Good results come by asking feedback from the users and by taking account the business needs


Experiences and ease of use for users: achieving business targets


End-users' demands are growing, and products and services need to respond. A product needs to be attractive, inspiring and provide experiences, as well as being useful and user-friendly. Users must be captivated not only by the product's design, but also by its interface. This is a core precept of Digia's broad-based, User Experience teams. Every year, User Experience works on hundreds of customer projects related to mobile and business solutions.

Digia's User Experience design services stand out: in addition to experiences and ease of use, they take feasibility and scheduling into account. Such elements are crucial to commercial success. This is possible thanks to close cooperation with Digia's software teams. For many customers, strategic decision-making and choice of direction are much easier, when their vision can rapidly be transformed into functioning software.

Basis in user-driven design and understanding what technology can offer


The mobile sector is seeing rapid technological development and tough competition. This leads to a short user experience renewal cycle, and the need to stand out. Due to its pedigree in user experience design, Digia has a pole position in this area. Digia's leadership is also based on long-term cooperation with leading companies in the sector, renowned technological expertise and a broad range of usability services. Digia is uniquely able to carry out user-driven design for small, everyday purposes, while also creating radical innovations. Such innovations harness the potential of new technologies, to create added value.

Fine solutions are not created by accident; user experience requires insight and skill


Digia has been refining its processes for years. Digia can now create tailored products quickly, turning great ideas into gems. Visual and user interface designers are involved in new product development from a very early stage. Digia is able to fuse creative design seamlessly with the development process. In this way, ideas are honed to perfection and viable commercialisation plans are created. Digia's User Experience services progress naturally, from user-driven innovation to concept design, visual design, prototyping, usability evaluations and user interface design.

Getting the end result right: collection and iterative use of user feedback


Digia's solutions take usability seriously. Its usability testing methods apply the sector's best practices. Testing is based on usability labs with testing equipment, and partner networks for usability testing in various markets. With usability testing as part of its solution package, Digia can ensure quick and seamless utilisation of user feedback. This achieves the best possible end result. User satisfaction and, from a business perspective, a focus on developing the right things, are thereby guaranteed.