Speed, efficiency and quality user experience in Product Creation Services

World-leading product creation services in the mobile sector


Digia offers innovative mobile solutions and advanced development services to several world-class companies in the mobile sector. Digia's long and successful history and high customer satisfaction are based on reliable delivery and high quality.

  • Software platforms and applications for mobile devices, tablets and netbooks
  • Turnkey deliveries of device-specific software and maintenance on multiple platforms
  • Cloud services and desktop applications for consumers and business segments
  • Embedded software for devices, machines and industrial systems
  • User experience services: innovation, concept design and usability
  • Training services, in the sector's leading technologies

Core competence, on which customer satisfaction and continuous renewal are built


Inventive design in user experience and architecture, reliability in delivering large entities, efficient operations and uncompromising quality control - these are the keys to developing modern products and services. Experience and refined operating methods are critical elements of such skills. Mastery of these core competencies makes it easy to adopt new technologies, trends and operating models. It also enables their rapid renewal. This is how Digia provides excellent customer satisfaction. On the same basis, customers can be astonished by Digia's inventive solutions and ideas to help them succeed.

Ease of purchase based on unique service portfolio


For multiple software platforms, from Android to MeeGo, Symbian, Windows and the iPhone iOS environment, Digia provides inventive, efficient solutions. Digia is unique in offering strong expertise in user experience, visionary architecture design, world-class project management and the efficiencies available from an international operating environment. In addition, agile methods are used alongside the customer, to turn its visions into gems. For customers new to the opportunities of mobile and software solutions, Digia offers training and consulting services to help them get started.

Product creation services bring digital dimension to new areas


To some companies and industries, mobile services and software are still new sources of competitiveness. Digia offers the benefits of product creation services to these too. In such companies, software may be recognised as an important part of a product or service portfolio. However, software development for multiple platforms, or for a specific device environment, may not make sense. This is often for reasons related to competencies or efficiency. As a software partner, Digia can bring a new dimension to a customer's offering, based on a quick, scalable and efficient method.