ERP and financial administration

Digia's ERP system business includes the company's own and third-party, off-the-shelf software. These are provided to various industries, on a broad basis. As a leading ERP expert, Digia has extensive experience spanning two decades. This has led to a large, satisfied clientele in Finland and its neighbouring areas.

Developed in Finland, and designed specifically for the Finnish business environment, the Digia Enterprise package has enjoyed long success. This is despite intensifying competition. In 2010, as a provider of ERP systems to Finnish companies, Digia won considerably more market share.

Digia's Microsoft Dynamics business also grew, at a rate clearly exceeding market growth. Among international corporations, Dynamics AX has become a competitive alternative to traditional, global ERP systems. Digia's Microsoft operations are international, delivering solutions to many countries outside Finland.

A well-productised implementation process, professional personnel and ready-made verticals in focus industries: these are the keys to Digia's success as an ERP and financial system supplier.

Customers often cite security and stability as Digia's ace cards. In-depth experience and solid technological expertise mean that the company can guarantee a safe and carefree project model. This keeps customers' projects on schedule, within budget and in sight of the desired outcomes and benefits.