Digia improves customers' operational efficiency  

  • Digia's ERP business is growing, with Digia Enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics as the drivers
  • Digia is the market leader in Finland among providers of systems to trade unions and unemployment funds
  • Digia has expanded its product selection with a core banking solution intended for small and medium-sized banks


Productivity and Operations Management


Digia's ERP business grew faster than the market rate in 2010. Profitability remained also high. The outstanding success is based on high customer satisfaction and the ability to continuously launch new, inventive solutions meeting evolving customer needs.

Digia's industry-specific, off-the-shelf software is used for daily operations. These include managing the order/delivery chain, stock and asset management, customer and supplier management, financial administration and official reporting.

A strategic partner


As a system supplier, Digia often plays a strategic role for the customers whose entire operations are often based on systems delivered by Digia. In many cases, Digia participates in customers' business development and change management. This is achieved by guaranteeing seamless system support during key development projects. An ERP system is often like a company's heartbeat; without it, the company would grind to a halt.

Digia's offering areas include world-class, off-the-shelf software. Such products serve the needs of retailers, manufacturing, service organisations, banks, asset management and trade unions. Renowned for their flexibility, these systems can be expanded with custom-made extensions or third-party software.

In addition to ready-made software, customers can obtain consulting and development services. These are for the creation of custom-made functions, in line with the industry-best practices and specific customer requirements.

Digia's offering encompasses software implementation services, as well as comprehensive continuous services during the product's life cycle. Throughout an application's lifetime, many customers seek as many application-related services as possible from a single supplier.

Digia has strong expertise in the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model in all key application segments. Digia foresees a time when businesses will mainly acquire applications as a service; the company is well prepared to meet these needs.