Digital workdesk raises efficiency and speeds up info searches

  • Digia's digital workdesk launched in 2010
  • Flexible access to relevant data depending on the personalised profile and the context
  • Greater organisational efficiency benefits end-customers


In their many roles, knowledge workers spend their days gathering and refining information to be used by either the worker or the organisation. Today's work requires ever more data and IT tools. Managing the related information flows, tools and tasks is taking up more and more time.

Information needed at work is scattered between various data warehouses. Some of these are internal, some shared within a network and some are public information sources. In the worst case scenario, employees may even have to manually piece together information. Additionally, interacting with colleagues and partners should be easy, regardless of location.

Seeing the big picture and keeping up to date is therefore more crucial than ever, but also more difficult.

Traditional intranets are built solely for internal communication. In Digia's view, this means that they cannot provide the availability, scope and speed of information required by today's organisations.

Digia's digital workdesk provides the solution


As a solution to these problems, Digia launched a digital workdesk in the autumn of 2010. The project was established for developing the concept. This dynamic workdesk collects data and event flows from diverse sources, to create a single, clear entity. It brings together various communication tools and communities, as well as documents and reports. The workdesk also provides access to back-office systems, presents the related tasks and displays organisation and team calendars. This is all done contextually, in real time.

Digia has developed its digital workdesk into both a concept and a productised solution. Digia Tablo links an organisation's information and tools to the context in question. These are provided to users by task: information and tools are made available based on individual user profiles and situations. Dynamically retrieved from various sources, information is provided in line with users' actual needs.

People want to know what's happening in their social networks. Digia Tablo takes this key insight of the social media, and adapts it to the business world. Workers are kept up to date by a flow of feeds - Digia's digital workdesk gathers information from the organisation's various systems, wiki pages, blogs and feeds.

All sides undeniably benefit


The employee, organisation and customer all clearly benefit from the digital workdesk. Organisations obtain productivity gains in knowledge work and work processes. In addition, swift access to information boosts efficiency. Each user's work is lightened by easy access to the right content, tasks, people and tools. Time management is also made easier. In this way, the workdesk increases job satisfaction, and finally, will benefit the customers, in the form of positive experiences.