Digia makes experiences a competitive asset

  • Digia helps its clients to provide better customer experiences
  • Professionally managed development process for improving customer loyalty, competitiveness and process efficiency


It is becoming even more challenging to stand out on the basis of product or service features. Innovations can be quickly copied, reducing the window of opportunity for exploiting them. In addition, customers no longer compare products and services in the way they used to. The competition is shifting towards customer interaction and service experiences when using end products. A successful customer experience helps organisations to differentiate and improve customer loyalty.

Networking is intense and organisations are outsourcing some of their operations. As a result, systematising customer experiences is vitally important. Subcontractor networks, service models and quality need to be well-managed; outsourced service centers and maintenance services are also sources of customer experiences. Even if some services are outsourced, in the minds of customers they still form an image of the service provider's brand.

Digia's services and solutions improve the customer experience


Digia's services and solutions help its clients to improve their customer experiences. Through business consulting, end customers' objectives and expectations are identified. Based on that, Digia creates a development plan for systematic improvement of the customer experience. This plan usually includes measures for improving communications, processes, human resourcing and information systems. Aimed at a better customer experience, these measures are defined and prioritised based on how well they benefit the customer.

Digia's IT solutions are tools which help organisations to generate positive customer experiences.
Portal solutions and electronic customer service solutions support successful customer encounters.
Information work, ERP and process management solutions help organisations to fulfil promises made in customer encounters.
Network management and cooperation solutions help networks to fulfil customer promises through cooperation.
Integration, service architecture and business information solutions enable the gathering, analysis and use of information from customer encounters. They also support the fulfilment of customer promises.

Effective management of the customer experience, from planning to concrete actions: this is what separates Digia from the rest.

Digia offers tools for understanding the end customer's values and expectations. They help in planning customer experiences and structuring development measures. Advanced solutions guarantee a trouble-free start-up. These are much more than IT solutions - they are comprehensive development projects in which technology plays its part.